Terms and Condition

To obtain the services and facilities from News Karkhana , both the parties must sign an agreement. After that, both parties will be formally connected to each other. Both parties must agreed on the service provided by News Karkhana and facility obtained by the users.

Both parties must obey the following terms and conditions, which also will be the obligation and duty of them.

1. Users must have certificate registered in the Department of Information or under the other bodies of Nepal Government.

2. Organizations that aren't registered in the Department of Information or other concerned agencies will not be able to get services from the News Karkhana .

3. In case of foreign service users, the certificate of registration should be prevailing law of concerned country.

4. The access of service and facility of News Karkhana will be obtained only after an agreement.

5. News Karkhana is committed that the service and facility would not be produced violating the prevailing law of Nepal.

6. News Karkhana will produce media content using a single pronoun; however, users will have choice to use different pronouns as needed. It is prohibited to publish and broadcast the content using offensive words.

7. Trademarks, graphics, sketch, signatures and cartoon are the intellectual property of News Karkhana and users' access is protected.

8. Interviews, opinions, articles, and views produced by News Karkhana will be accepted only as the personal thoughts of the concerned person and the person shall take the entire responsibility. News Karkhana will not be responsible for it. Similarly, users also should accept it personally.

9. Services and facilities produced by News Karkhana should be post as it is as far as possible.

10. It is prohibited to distort the content before publishing and transmitting though the facility of general modification without distorting the essence of content is permissible. New Karkhana w ill not be responsible for the consequence it this condition is violated.

11. News Karkhana shall make maximum attempt to provide accurate and reliable services and facility, although it can't be denied mistake unknowingly. We commit to correct such mistake in future.

12. While providing the services and facilities produced by News Karkhana , we can't deny the possibility of server down, virus among other technical issues. The users may not get the facility smoothly in such condition. Problem will be solved through the mutual cooperation between users and agency.

13. The services and facility produced by News Karkhana will not be allowed without agreement. If it is found to have used illegally, copyright Act 2059 will be attracted.

14. According to the prevailing law of Nepal, if readers, viewers and audience are not satisfied with the services and facilities produced by the News Karkhana , there is an option to go to legal bodies including court and Nepal Press Council.

15. News Karkhana will claim copy right if the content produced by News Karkhana are found to be used by the third parties beside the genuine users that have made contract with us.

Some of the provisions of the above conditions shall be revoked automatically if they are inconsistent with the prevailing law of Nepal. News Karkhana is free to amend the above-mentioned condition and concerned party would be informed about this.