Our Services


We are targeting to deliver at least hundred news daily.


we will offer up to one hundred and fifty photos daily.


We will provide graphic on each day as per needed


All the sketches made by News Karkhana can be used by the users as we have our own sketch designer.

The News Karkhana wire service offers breaking news, general news, feature story, opinion, interview, national and international news on current issues.

We include not only the thematic areas like politics, finance, entertainment, sports, society, crime, health and lifestyle, science and technology, music, movie and environment, agriculture, foreign employment, tourism, law and justice, development, religion and cultures but also other hidden issues in society, issue of woman empowerment and tribal people. Priority will be given to marginalized communities.

We are not limited to gather the news products from seventy seven districts of Nepal. Beyond, we assimilate news from the various parts of the world where larger Nepali communities of native Nepali or other languages speaking reside. Beyond Gulf Countries, we are targeting America, Europe, South Korea, Japan. Likewise, we assemble news from New Delhi, Mumbai, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Gadwal, Himanchal State of India among other places.

However, services and facilities can be obtained, only in Nepali language for the time being. News Karkhana's aims to provide services and facilities in other languages as per needed in future.

Currently, the news content from the agency will be available only in the text and photo. We will also provide multimedia from around the world in future.